Gli Aromi di Armando

Gli Aromi di Armando

“The Armando’s flavourings” are very rich in fragrance and essential oils and they express the genuine intensity of wild aromatic herbs, since ancient times the real secret of each typical Italian dish, used with wisdom for giving flavour and wellbeing, thanks to their healthy virtues.

For thaconfezionamento aromi 1t reason Italian cooking is the queen of the Mediterranean diet. And the “Armando’s flavourings” are the essence of Italy.

The herbs are bred by selected seeds and cuttings and they always grow outaromi in espositore elegantedoors, kissed by the sun and with the only use of organic fertilizers for conventional farming. Biological products are tilled on certified soils in accordance with a strict regulation . Beside to the herbs, today Armando offers some varieties of edible flowers which enrich food preparations with their beautiful shapes and colours.

The traditional farming systems live together with innovation. “The Armando’s flavourings” can be provided with the stylish coloured jars or with flowpack package to be always fresh and fragrant and ready to use.

Tilled in pots they live a long time and, when cut, they regrow .

The small packed tubs appropriately refrigerated, thanks to an exclusive Armando’s treatment, allow to keep intact the freshness of the flavourings for 10-15 days.

Fresh for a long time and always ready to use.

The Armando’s flavourings, the essence of Italy.